Words as a supplement to art are unnecessary. As a visual artist, it is my job to create something that you will want to spend time with, evaluate, think about, and remember.

But there are some people that will want to know a little bit about me, and what I have done, so this is for you.

I have a BFA in Painting from Arizona State University graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1999. I find it more important that I started drawing when I was about four, and haven’t ever stopped. My grandmother inspired me to work with oil paints when I was about 12. While my degree is in painting, and it is a lot of what I do, I also have used a lot of mixed media, photography, sculpture, and will take over a room with a project if I am allowed. My exhibition history reaches back into my childhood, into my teen years, and through my adulthood. I am an artist.

I have also been a business person. In 2011, a couple of friends and I opened up a roller skate and art shop in the Roosevelt Arts District at 4th street, and McKinley. We were very proud to serve the community, and it was also a prime location to exhibit art for First Fridays. I had my own art as well as others, and I was able to paint 3 murals for our building. We left our brick and mortar location when the owner of our building sold out to investors in 2014. Proxy 333 now sits where we used to have our business. I continued online for a couple of years after and helped many more people.

Having been a business person, and an artist, I decided to take a year and a half to study business and accounting. I expect to finish an accounting certificate in spring of 2019. What I didn’t know in 1999 when I graduated from ASU is how much an artist is actually a business person. They are often the creator, promotion, sales, and accounting.

For the last couple of years, as an artist, I have been fairly silent reflecting on changing times in a changing Phoenix, and a changing Phoenix art community. Frankly, I have continued to sharpen my eye taking thousands of photographs that I never share, making art that no one, or few see to the point that some of my friends think I have quit, and reflecting on what I want. I want to let you know that I am still working even if you haven’t seen or heard from me for a while. I have a photography project that has needed an exhibition space for two years now, and I am working on new paintings. I just haven’t come into the right exhibition situation yet probably because I really want my own space.

My current art goals are to:

1) Make art.

2) Have my own exhibition space or be represented by a gallery that is appropriate to my work, or both.

3) Hold the current value in my work for my investors. Yes, people are still buying my work. Not everyone has forgotten about me 😊 My closest friends support my vision.

My art has supported various causes. It has been very important to me to give back. I have been a continuous supporter of Free Arts for Abused Children since around 2010. Art was something that helped save my life. I believe that these kids deserve that opportunity as well. Additional donations have been to One N Ten, Tumbleweed Center, The New Foundation, Susan G. Komen, Pride Scholarship, NAU Athletics, Montessori Christian Academy, and Goodwill.

If you wish to contact me, find me @ although, really, I am a great believer in face to face time.

Note that I am currently using this website as a creative project, so these words are a blip. Enjoy.


BFA Painting, Arizona State University, Magna Cum Laude, 1999


K Brambilla Studios, Peoria 1999-Present
Chakra Gallery, Phoenix 2016
First Studio, Phoenix 2016
Art Detours 17-21, 23-29 Phoenix
K Brambilla Studios @ Oasis on Grand, Phoenix 2014-2015
Seven13sk8, Phoenix 2011-2014
Hazel & Violet, Phoenix 2010-2011
Behind the Door Gallery, Yarnell 2007-2011
Kivi Moments in Time, Scottsdale 2009-2010
K Brambilla Studios @ Anti_Space, Phoenix 2009
Kollectiv Art and Design Group, Phoenix 2007-2008
Tree of Life Gallery, Phoenix 2007
ARTSTAGESOUND, Phoenix 2006-2007
Re/Max Discover Gallery, Scottsdale 2006
Color Del Sol, Phoenix 2006
Red Dog Gallery, Art in the Yard, Phoenix 2004-2008
BFA Exhibit “On the Two Dimensional Plane”, ASU Step Gallery, Tempe 1998
Mars Artspace, Phoenix 1998
“Exclusively Photography” @ Eleven East Ashland, Phoenix 1997


Hands on Arizona/GAMA Volunteer Grand Avenue, Phoenix 2015
Painted Grand Avenue Planter in front of ThirdSpace, Phoenix 2015


Seven13sk8, Phoenix 2012-2013
Hazel & Violet Print Press, Phoenix 2011
First Stitch Sewing Lounge, Phoenix 2011

Kristine E. Brambilla
Living Artist


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